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Siren and her Tails

Although many may not know me directly, most have probably seen my work. I, the Siren, have been in the mermaid community for well over a decade now, both as a performer and a tail maker. I swam well before the days of silicone, and I've watched with pride as new artists and performers made this community what it is today.

Through the years I've focused on the little things in tails that could be tweaked to make the most comfortable, durable and swimmable tail, so that you can focus on your performance without any worry that your tail will do what you need it to do.

I guarantee you, from performer to performer, that as your tail maker I will always give you my personal best to be sure that the tail you have always dreamed of is the tail that you receive.

Thanks for visiting! Now, go release your inner Siren!!!



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